ECCO Egypt-partner CID Consulting wins ECCO Award 2021

February 2022
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CID Consulting was recognized for its work with Nestle Egypt in its communications work behind DORNA, a reverse credit system that helps shape a waste free future.

CAIRO, EGYPT – 8 February 2022 – CID Consulting was announced as the winner of the 2021 ECCO Award for its strategic communications, branding and stakeholder engagement work with Nestle Egypt on DORNA, a reverse credit system co-designed by the two companies to boost Egypt’s informal waste recyclers’ recovery and recycling rates of PET plastic.

This marks the first time an agency in Africa and MENA has received an ECCO award. CID Consulting’s submission was one of 14 submissions made by 13 ECCO partner agencies around the world and was shortlisted with two companies from Australia and the UK. On the day of the ceremony, shortlisted agencies presented their submissions to a panel of five judges each from an ECCO partner agency, who then deliberated to announce the winning agency.

The Egyptian consulting company, which has been in the market for more than 25 years, was recognized for the multi-layered impact of DORNA’s communications that has simultaneously created tangible marks on environmental, social, economic, and policy fronts.

"The project convinced the jury especially because it had a comprehensive strategic approach and a perfect mix of measures,” ECCO CEO and founder Christian Kollman said. “The idea of sustainability was so perfectly attuned to the dialogue groups and activated them, especially given the truly impressive results of the project. All in all, a convincing project that once again proves the efficiency of the ECCO agencies and sets standards for the industry.”

In Egypt, DORNA was recognized by the Ministry of Environment as the first socially inclusive and viable Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) model and was showcased as such at Egypt’s Pavilion at the COP26.

“The DORNA initiative is a collective effort to be responsible to the environment, society, health and community,” CID Founder Dr. Laila Iskandar said. “It’s about everybody’s responsibility. It’s a pioneering initiative but what we hope DORNA will become is to be a nation-wide, industry-wide system.”

Since its launch, the success of DORNA has led to PepsiCo Egypt joining the system as a partner in March 2021 and a slew of other public sector companies joining thereafter, including Al Ahram Beverages (Heineken).

“CID Consulting is proud to have partnered with Nestle Egypt not only in the inception of DORNA’s reverse credit system itself, but also in crafting a unique brand that engages with stakeholders across the informal, private and public sectors in an effective way,” CID Chairperson Dalia Wahba said.

The ECCO Award was launched in 2019 as a way to celebrate the creative and impactful work done by the ECCO global network of independent communications agencies in over 40 countries.


About CID Consulting

Founded in 1995, CID Consulting is an internationally recognized Egyptian firm that delivers integrated management and development consulting solutions for organizations in public, private and non-profit sectors, leading them towards economic growth and positive social change. As a leading consultancy for local, regional, and international organizations looking to understand the Egyptian market, CID Consulting has successfully delivered over 300 projects to a diverse portfolio of 150 clients across MENA, North America and Europe.

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