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I would like to seize this opportunity to thank CID Consulting for all their hard work throughout the COVID-19 lockdown situation and all the constraints we are all going through, as well as for their patience in processing the assignment.We now hope there will be a strong commitment from the key decision-makers to implement the recommendations of the report through the project and look forward to a successful operationalization of these recommendations.

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Dahlia Lotayef
Lead Environmental Specialist Environment, Natural Resources and Blue Economy Global Practice Middle
Logo of GFA consulting
Logo of GFA consulting

This is to express my great gratitude to CID for a long, impactful, and economically successful partnership and cooperation over several decades. GFA has cooperated with CID at multiple fronts and implemented dozens of multi-million Euro projects and studies related to the development of the Egyptian economy in particular to, private sector development, industrial reform, and vocational training.The partnership was strong and grew even stronger in troubled times, resting on the trust built over time and the dedication of both teams to outstanding quality standards in service delivery.

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Klaus Altemeier
Managing Director of GFA (1993 - 2019)
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Logo of The World Bank

The team and I really enjoyed the process of rebranding our companies with CID. We had just come out of a major restructure and the CID team helped us shape strategic direction on both a brand and business perspective. Their team had the perfect balance between creativity of marketeers and the acumen of management consultants.

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Mohamed El Ahwal
CEO, IACC Holdings
Logo of Sodic
Logo of GFA consulting

We would like to thank the CID team for all the long hours and dedication to designing our innovation process.The execution of this innovation process was supported with CID’s organizational network analysis tool, which provided great insight within our organization, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of its functional, social and strategic networks.The CID team worked closely with our team throughout the process, providing strategic and consistent support. CID’s professional and timely commitment really has helped us kick start our innovation process.Thank you for making this happen!

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Heba Makhlouf
Head of Investment Relations & Innovation, SODIC
Logo of GFA consulting
Logo of IACC

I have a positive experience working with CID for the last four years in the frame of a consortium between GFA Consulting Group and CID; implementing one component for the GIZ Labour Market Access Project to help improve the quality of employment in small and medium enterprises. CID is known as a professional consulting firm specialized in coordinating and implementing development cooperation projects. In our partnership, CID has provided the project with the staffing needs which is key for the successful execution of the project. All the proposed experts are professional and competent experts who work in a variety of technical and capacity building related fields such as strategic planning, organizational development, marketing and branding, facilitation and trainings. CID is further reputable for managing staff and expert contracts in compliance with the relevant labor, tax and insurance laws. Lastly, the CID staff is positive, engaging and cooperative to work with.

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Maha El Moaz
Team Leader,  GFA Consulting Group
Logo of The World Bank
Logo of Sodic