Our expert team leverages on our key practice areas to positively transform businesses and communities, proactively engaging with stakeholders to drive reputation and growth for our clients.

Our core capabilities and integrated offerings, combined with our adaptability and experience, enables us to tailor the solution that is right for our clients.



Our proven ability to develop and deliver strategic frameworks for our corporate clients can be traced back to our beginnings in 1995. Our offer has evolved and expanded over time, enabling us to provide business analysis and top-line direction for a far broader spectrum of clients. We implement a truly integrated and tailored approach to support our clients strategic ambitions, taking into account the demands of an increasingly digital workplace.

Organizational and people transformation


Our approach to organisational transformation is complemented by a deep understanding of our clients’ foundations: their people. Without inspiring people, positive transformation would be impossible. We enable our clients to optimise performance management and drive development by focusing on innovation, engagement and integration of internal networks. We conduct careful gap analyses to determine how far goals and ambitions are being met by your people, and design macro and micro recommendations to inspire organizational transformation. We introduce departmental KPIs, shape job descriptions and organisational procedures, develop capacity building programmes and much more.

Marketing and Communications


Our marketing and communications experts devise, deliver, and implement standout marketing communication strategies with vision and purpose. We develop integrated marketing communication strategies which map customer journeys and define value propositions and messaging to effectively communicate business growth stories and maximise exposure. We offer a comprehensive range of services from building brand strategy, to crafting consumer crisis communications and leading reputation management. To support our development consulting portfolio, we develop localized public awareness campaigns and implement social behavioural change projects to ensure sustainable social impact.

Sustainability and social impact


Our award-winning community development and social investment strategy expertise has provided us with an extensive track record of successful, high-impact projects and partnerships. Our work spans a number of thematic areas for social development and corporate social responsibility, including education, TVET, women’s empowerment, public sector development, solid waste management and community engagement. We help our private sector clients to design and implement corporate social investment strategies, whilst helping incubate social enterprises which can be used as best practice models for social change.

project management and implementation


With a dedicated in-house project management team, we deliver complex projects with multiple stakeholders and beneficiaries for clients in both the private and public sector. Over the years, CID Consulting has partnered with local and international consulting firms to deliver the right service to our clients. We act as an integral and trusted part of your team, mapping and managing stakeholders, whilst mobilising employees to deliver results with impact. We implement rigorous financial reporting, ensure donor compliance, and manage projects from concept to completion, earning us a reputation as the local partner of choice for global corporations.