We collaborate with a number of trusted local and international partners across sectors to add value for our clients, opening doors to a greater network of knowledge at home and abroad. We are passionate about partnering with agencies across the globe, ensuring a constant mutually beneficial transfer of knowledge


International Communication Practices Empowered by Local Knowledge

CID is also a proud licensee of the global ECCO International Communications Network and acts as the network’s representative in Egypt and the MENA region. Partnering with one of the top four independent networks in the world, ECCO operates in 40 countries, with a network of over 1,000 consultants.

Data Analytics in Consulting

Recognizing the growing importance of data analytics in innovative consulting solutions, CID established a strategic partnership with Complete Coherence in 2018. Complete Coherence, a UK-based consultancy founded in 2004 by Dr Alan Watkins, specialises in developing enlightened leadership through individual and team development. Complete Coherence’s approach to talent assessment is driven by four key pillars: Commercially Relevant, Research Based, Differentiated and Developmental. These pillars form the basis of the Organizational Network Analysis, which CID utilises to map out how information flows through organisations. With the use of research-based techniques, we analytically dissect the impact of our client’s existing networks, the inefficiencies within them and the loopholes which may be holding the organisation back. We then develop informed plans and strategies based on this information – addressing both the firm’s existing issues and building upon its strengths.


We work for global and local clients. We employ outstanding people and we cooperate closely with numerous international experts, in today's networked and digital world.

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