When leaders transform to inspire transformation

June 2020
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By Dalia Wahba, Cofounder and Chairperson of CID Consulting

Business transformation is essential to stay ahead in today’s dynamic, but turbulent market. And it takes an adaptable leader to effectively drive success forward in an ever-changing landscape.

Political, economic and social change can bring understanding uncertainty and unexpected questions. Leaders are placed under immense pressure to provide answers as questions emerge, often with little preparation. No matter how strong the leader, this scenario often leads to a sense of vulnerability.

Leaders must be prepared to adapt their leadership confidently to navigate new questions and issues but remain true to their values and principles. Adaptive leadership is instrumental to diagnosing and problems in new, innovative ways. Strong leaders must listen and learn to craft new, improved solutions.

A strong leader is a problem solver, but also a communicator. By engaging proactively and consistently, they will be able to instill trust in their solutions and mobilize the energy of their people. Processes will be more readily embraced and what was first viewed as a challenging period should become a positive opportunity for change.

During transformation it is essential to navigate the early chaos quickly to define processes and new ways of working.  A strong leader understands that the collective leadership they inspire will be integral to implementing the change that has been identified. Transformation is never just one person’s job; it is the combined efforts of all people across an organisation.

The essence of the effective leadership during uncertain times is to promote the notion of Collaboration: how to bring the strategic intelligence of the organization to collaborate effectively. Learning: to embrace the power of learning during such times and how it builds resilient and mature teams. Adaptability: tolerance to the newness in our context, capacity to make sense out of it and allow solutions to emerge at the right time.

Transformation will only happen with its relevant mindset and attitude.