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With an ambition to become one of the largest players in the logistics and transport sector, IACC, an international Maritime and Freight Transport Company, needed a better picture of the market’s perception of their brand and brand equity. They required a brand strategy which would hold up to international standards.

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To truly understand IACC’s market position, we analysed consumer perceptions of the brand, as well as customer experience and company challenges to manage such experience in the most optimal and efficient engagement process. We conducted a competitive market review by mapping out key local and international competitors, auditing the versatile lines of business owned by the Holding company, and benchmarking them against the other organisations.

We then embarked on developing a brand structure for the Holding Company based on the insights captured, in order to truly leverage the strengths of the mother brand while capturing the differentiators of the sub-brands. Our audit enabled the development of a vigorous brand strategy and design, alongside a tailored brand communication program with internal and external tools to drive success.


IACC now operates creative brands for four companies under the Holding company, which unified and enhanced the overall image of the group. As a direct result of the communication tactics implemented, international business opportunities have emerged. Today, IACC is one of the oldest yet most modern regional companies, developing rapidly over the years.

“The team and I really enjoyed the process of rebranding our companies with CID. We had just come out of a major restructure and the CID helped us shape strategic direction from both a brand and business perspective. Their team had the perfect balance between creativity of marketeers and the acumen of management consultants.” – Mohamed El Ahwal, CEO, IACC Holdings


Citibank Egypt would like to express its deep appreciation of CID’s dedicated team for their support, passion, integrity, and high quality work that was demonstrated over the last year. From downturn to crisis, CID has challenged every misperception on the bank with guided impactful communication strategies that were taken to action towards transforming the downs to up, and adversary to ally.

Having CID as our partner, advising us in unpredictable times has helped us maintain trust and transparency with the media and our clients, which has helped secure Citi’s stand in the market and ensured positive brand perception and coverage worth of millions.

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Lamise Negm
Vice Chairman, Citibank Egypt

For over 10 years Xerox Egypt has been in partnership with CID as our Marketing Communications Consultant, and the level of professional support we have been receiving since the inauguration of such successful and rewarding business relationship is invaluable.

The CID team is highly skilled and responsive to our business needs, which enabled us to use CID services to support other business objectives and programs beyond marketing communications, where they have proved similar levels of excellence

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Ashraf El Arman
VP, Global Supplies Group. Former Managing Director, Xerox Egypt