Crafting a communication strategy for fuel reform and Sector Modernization


In 2016 the Ministry of Petroleum needed to design and implement a communication strategy to support the implementation of Egypt’s fuel reform program. In 2018, the Ministry called upon us again to work on a strategic communications framework for the launch and implementation of a new modernisation program, which included a major and comprehensive overhaul of the oil and gas sector at large. This sought to transform the oil and gas sector from a service driven sector, to a profitable value-add sector, positioning Egypt as a leading Energy Hub within five years.

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Our engagement in the fuel reform program focused on crafting clear messages which would manage public expectations, influence opinion and open conversations with stakeholders involved in the energy decision-making process. This began with establishing an effective two-way dialogue with relevant stakeholders, aiding in clear and transparent flow of information and data. It was equally important for us to support the Ministry in improving confidence in the industry. We achieved this by identifying applicable measures to clearly communicate how the Ministry is working to improve customer satisfaction, service quality, transparency and social accountability in the sector.

When reappointed in 2018, the entire sector was undergoing extensive transformation, so we adopted a holistic and integrated change management approach to identify and analyse the positions of all relevant stakeholders, to ensure change was communicated in a way that catered to individual needs and interests. Our communications framework helped to manage the expectations of different parties and prevented miscommunication and potential opposition. This was accompanied by an organizational development intervention serving the team in charge of internal and external communication to ensure sound structure and relevant resourcing.


Following successful implementation of our approach, we were able to create a communication strategy which increased public awareness of the reform and led to alliances being formed with those who supported its implementation. Through reviewing existing communication efforts, designing capacity building efforts, and supporting with events and crisis management just two years later, we were able to provide ongoing, trusted guidance to the Ministry’s team which has ensured sustainability and self-dependency for future initiatives.


Citibank Egypt would like to express its deep appreciation of CID’s dedicated team for their support, passion, integrity, and high quality work that was demonstrated over the last year. From downturn to crisis, CID has challenged every misperception on the bank with guided impactful communication strategies that were taken to action towards transforming the downs to up, and adversary to ally.

Having CID as our partner, advising us in unpredictable times has helped us maintain trust and transparency with the media and our clients, which has helped secure Citi’s stand in the market and ensured positive brand perception and coverage worth of millions.

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Lamise Negm
Vice Chairman, Citibank Egypt

CID has expressed dedicated and fully integrated efforts to ensure the company’s best interest. It is worth noting that the team has faced a number of challenges inside the company, however, they were flexible enough and fully committed to the success of the assignment.

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Chairman Real Estate Development Company, Alexandria, Egypt