Driving Growth With An Operational Overhaul


A large real estate development company’s inefficient system of operation was resulting in significant losses. We were tasked with helping them embark on a new phase of growth, to achieve a level of excellence which could be replicated across the group.

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We conducted an audit of the organisation’s current resources practices, structure and processes to successfully facilitate a business modelling workshop, which identified and evaluated the key function areas. Drawing organisational charts for the company’s different departments, we designed and allocated specific functions across divisions and identified issues for change. This process also allowed us to identify the business’s non-core functions and recommend innovative corporate restructuring interventions that would streamline operations. We also engaged closely with the company’s large blue collar workers segment to ensure the organizational transition was managed as seamlessly as possible, and that employee well-being was a core consideration in our proposed interventions.


As part of a huge collaborative effort with the company’s management, the latter leading a complete financial restructuring of the firm in parallel, we supported with a total strategic and organisational restructuring of the business that led to its share price rising 150% in just one year.


For over 10 years Xerox Egypt has been in partnership with CID as our Marketing Communications Consultant, and the level of professional support we have been receiving since the inauguration of such successful and rewarding business relationship is invaluable.

The CID team is highly skilled and responsive to our business needs, which enabled us to use CID services to support other business objectives and programs beyond marketing communications, where they have proved similar levels of excellence

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Ashraf El Arman
VP, Global Supplies Group. Former Managing Director, Xerox Egypt

CID’s valuable consulting advice & strategic solutions enabled us to better develop our brand strategy and effectively plan for our business launch in the UAE. A Job well done and it was a real pleasure working with such a creative and energetic team.

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Tamer Zaki
Managing Partner, Iwan Interiors Dubai, UAE