Enhancing Human Resources Management Across Various Practices


GIZ launched the Strengthening Reform Initiatives in Public Administration (SRIP) with the aim of assisting the Egyptian government to support civil servants while adjusting to organizational and regulatory changes taking effect in the government units.  The project aimed to support the administrative reform initiative and government reform efforts, enhance the knowledge and skills of HR professionals, and enable the transformation of the role of HR professionals from a personnel-oriented role to a strategic role.

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The CID project team initiated this assignment by developing an understanding of the Human Resources Management (HRM) context in the government sector. Then, based on the most recent regulations and after aligning with global HR best practices, the project team developed an HRM toolkit that includes explanations of the main HR functions, concepts, and processes in a concise, simple manner complemented by templates and tools to assist HR professionals in performing their tasks. The HRM toolkit was also converted into an e-book that provides engaging, interactive content to its readers.  The CID team reviewed the HR organogram and mandate in CAOA Decree no.22 of 2019, provided recommendations in alignment with the HRM best practices that fit the context of the Egyptian government sector, and drafted relevant job description cards. Training materials on the HRM toolkit were developed to be utilized in future capacity-building programs. Finally, to complement the HRM toolkit, an awareness-raising campaign was developed to promote the usage and benefits of the HRM toolkit.


The project efforts resulted in creating an HRM toolkit that covers various HR functions: strategic human resources management, organizational development, HR planning, recruitment, performance management, learning and development, compensation and benefits, and HR operations and employee relations. The toolkit presents informative, concise content that suits the needs of the HR professionals in the government sector, aligns with the regulatory framework reforms and familiarizes them with the global best practices in human resources. The project also resulted in creating digitized interactive content of the HRM toolkit and training materials to leverage the HR professionals' understanding of the toolkit’s content to help them assume their new strategic roles.


We worked with the CID team for over 2 years to develop our strategies, and CID has provided two teams; one specialized in social issues and community development and the other in reputation management and corporate communications. The two teams are staffed with experienced professionals who are knowledgeable in their fields and have been working closely and effectively with the ERC team. We believe that CID’s guidance and support in developing and implementing our community engagement and communications strategy has been essential in positioning ERC to meet its corporate social responsibility obligations and its commitments to the stakeholders necessary for ERC to secure its social license to operate.

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Tom Thomason
Former Chief Executive Officer, The Egyptian Refining Company

The work accomplished by the CID team has been well recognized and acknowledged by all attendees whether the Juhayna team or Ministry of Education representatives. It has been a pleasure working with CID in implementing our first CSR initiative with the Ministry of Education. We highly appreciate their workshop training that succeeded in fulfilling the program’s objectives due to the team’s efforts and high communication skills.

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Nahla Mokhtar
Head of External Communications, Juhayna Food Industries