Expanding strategy to maximize market potential


Alfa Electronics was expanding rapidly across the electronic product design and technology sectors but with very few standard processes in place. They came to us with a pressing need for a new strategy to efficiently meet new demand and effectively control quality.

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We spent time with Alfa’s executive team to fully understand the factors affecting their operations and the wider electronics industry. We developed business models for both business lines, with key success factors and strategic objectives that would cement the positioning and growth potential for each.

In order to cascade a full-fledged strategic roadmap for each business line, we worked to develop KPIs and a framework of initiatives needed to deliver the required impact. We developed balanced scorecards to manage the performance of each business line and worked with Alfa to institutionalize a strategy review process to ensure the firm was continuously working to refresh its strategic roadmap to ensure it remained on the cutting edge of market trends.


Alfa Electronics has enhanced customer value with an effective strategy and operational framework. With defined KPIs in place, they are now able to analyse performance and meet new demand to stay at the top of their market.

“Thank you, CID, for a job well done. Your efforts for our company on this assignment reflects your professionalism, commitment and seriousness. We very much enjoyed it and look forward to future collaborations.” – Gamal Said, Electronics Sector Director, Alfa Electronics


I would like to seize this opportunity to thank CID Consulting for all their hard work throughout the COVID-19 lockdown situation and all the constraints we are all going through, as well as for their patience in processing the assignment.We now hope there will be a strong commitment from the key decision-makers to implement the recommendations of the report through the project and look forward to a successful operationalization of these recommendations.

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Dahlia Lotayef
Lead Environmental Specialist Environment, Natural Resources and Blue Economy Global Practice Middle

We are where we are today due to CID’s dedication to the task at hand, their professionalism in handling it, sincerity in addressing our concerns, encouragement when we needed some and generosity always. The journey is still long, but we have taken the first step and we hope we can always count on your support.

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Olfat Mansour
Board Member, Al Nour Wal Amal Association