Implementing Sustainable Systems To Improve Community Livelihood And Increase Tourism


The USAID-funded project sought to engage local Red Sea residents equitably in the economic, social and cultural benefits generated by the tourism sector in their governorate, with a focus on job creation and the protection, management, and sustainable use of the community’s natural and cultural assets. As part of the consortium implementing this project, CID was responsible for designing a new approach to solid waste management that was sustainable, effective, and inclusive.

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While the specific objective for this project was to introduce a new approach for community-based solid waste management, there was a much larger overall objective which we were working towards: promoting sustainable natural and cultural tourism development in the region which satisfies the influx of tourists and their needs, without disrupting – and, in fact, benefitting – the lives of local residents. Working closely with the project’s partners and the local community we were able to introduce at-source segregation schemes for the first time in the Red Sea. This system was complemented by a series of new initiatives, including waste recovery, transportation and recycling schemes; Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs); clean-up campaigns; controlled dumpsites and cross-cutting environmental education, awareness and communications activities. All of these important strands of work helped us to realize the refreshed, progressive vision and system for the region which we had established.


Through implementing these processes, we were able to enhance the competitiveness of Egypt in the fast-growing international tourism market. As a result of our three-year engagement on the project we also helped ensure the protection, management and sustainable use of the natural assets upon which the Southern Red Sea Region’s community’s livelihoods are based. Most rewardingly of all, we were then able to communicate this to the region’s inhabitants – discussing the economic, social and cultural benefits increased tourism would have, including those new job opportunities which would be created.


I'm writing to you to let you know that Lafarge Egypt won silver in LafargeHolcim MEA CSR competition under the Education/Employment category for its Occupational H&S Vocational Training Program in Suez!

This is a big milestone for us and couldn't have happened without your support and guidance during the program design and across all its phases.Also special thanks to your amazing team, Sherif and Mostafa, for working extensively on the project and designing a program to address community needs while leveraging on Lafarge Egypt expertise, managing the different program stakeholders while ensuring the project KPIs are met, coming up with creative solutions to solve any issues, devotion, dedication and passion during the different program phases from its launch in 2016 to date.

On behalf of Yasmin and myself, we would like to thank CID for the great effort and for being our extended arm in implementing the "Lafarge Health and Safety Vocational program" in Suez.

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Inji Khalil
Head of Communications, Lafarge Egypt

Plan International has been working very intensively with a very high qualified and motivated team of professionals from CID, to develop a new communication strategy. In our efforts to raise our profile and be better place to advocate for children’s rights in Egypt, CID has help us identify the level of awareness there is in Egypt and develop specific communication messages and tactics for our target audiences.CID managed to develop an excellent strategy ensuring full staff participation and Plan's ownership of the process, which is something very difficult to get when outsourcing external consultancies.

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E. Mac Abbey
Global Advisors Team Senior Manager, Plan International