Launching a lending facility with consumer-driven communications


The National Bank of Egypt (NBE) wanted to expand its capacities in lending to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME), to sustainably and effectively provide multi-purpose loans to MSMEs across the country.

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CID worked with DAI in order to launch the NBE’s new lending facility; providing recommendations and assisting with the implementation of measures to expand the company’s SME lending and risk management framework. We reviewed NBE’s existing strategy and portfolio of MSME products and used our knowledge of the market to assist with new product development which reflected both consumer needs and the client’s strategy. Good products are of little use however unless consumers are aware of them, so we worked closely with NBE to construct a marketing communications plan which effortlessly aligned with the bank’s wider strategy. Finally, in order to institutionalize our intervention, we worked with NBE to design and establish the MSME Advisory Services Unit with a dual role of providing financial and non-financial services to MSME Clients.


CID and its partner DAI effectively enabled NBE to serve MSME Clients through a range of financial and non-financial services – the latter being a completely new and innovative introduction to the banking sector in Egypt. We also successfully designed and produced a creative marketing communications tool kit that effectively defined the key benefits of the facility and provided information needed to reach the right audience and spur engagement. In doing so, we helped medium and small businesses utilise NBE’s evolved capabilities and range of products contributing to The National Bank of Egypt's (NBE) small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to reach LE 37.5 billion ($2.1 billion).


CID has expressed dedicated and fully integrated efforts to ensure the company’s best interest. It is worth noting that the team has faced a number of challenges inside the company, however, they were flexible enough and fully committed to the success of the assignment.

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Chairman Real Estate Development Company, Alexandria, Egypt

Plan International has been working very intensively with a very high qualified and motivated team of professionals from CID, to develop a new communication strategy. In our efforts to raise our profile and be better place to advocate for children’s rights in Egypt, CID has help us identify the level of awareness there is in Egypt and develop specific communication messages and tactics for our target audiences.CID managed to develop an excellent strategy ensuring full staff participation and Plan's ownership of the process, which is something very difficult to get when outsourcing external consultancies.

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E. Mac Abbey
Global Advisors Team Senior Manager, Plan International