Strategizing for Scale


Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment came to us looking for a fresh perspective. They needed to refine their purpose and to create a strategic formula that would rejuvenate their corporate appeal and transform their business model.

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With the close support of Al Ismaelia’s executive team and Board, we conducted a comprehensive strategic analysis which mapped AI Ismaelia’s existing business model challenges. We pinpointed key strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities to identify key success factors.

Our analysis defined the core focus, mission and value proposition of the firm, enabling Al Ismaelia to stand out from their competitors. We designed a business model canvas and corporate strategy map with balanced score cards to begin AI’s business transformation, as well as KPIs and strategic management processes to guide activity and monitor results for future growth. In order to effectively roll-out the strategy, and leveraging on CID’s unique capacity to bring together strategy and communication, we proposed a new internal communications framework which encouraged team integration. Through our consultative strategic planning process, we spurred engagement across the firm and empowered management with the tools needed to cascade a new corporate strategy across departments.


We helped AI Ismaelia refine their purpose and provided them with the right corporate foundations and business strategy to accurately deliver their vision. Our work has since informed their marketing and branding, as well as the new purchasing and concept decisions made by the Board.


The work accomplished by the CID team has been well recognized and acknowledged by all attendees whether the Juhayna team or Ministry of Education representatives. It has been a pleasure working with CID in implementing our first CSR initiative with the Ministry of Education. We highly appreciate their workshop training that succeeded in fulfilling the program’s objectives due to the team’s efforts and high communication skills.

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Nahla Mokhtar
Head of External Communications, Juhayna Food Industries

I would like to seize this opportunity to thank CID Consulting for all their hard work throughout the COVID-19 lockdown situation and all the constraints we are all going through, as well as for their patience in processing the assignment.We now hope there will be a strong commitment from the key decision-makers to implement the recommendations of the report through the project and look forward to a successful operationalization of these recommendations.

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Dahlia Lotayef
Lead Environmental Specialist Environment, Natural Resources and Blue Economy Global Practice Middle