Streamlining Governance To Drive Vocational Education And Training


To develop the country’s young talent pool and increase competitiveness on a global stage, we were employed for a two-part project by the Ministry of Trade and Industry to develop a national human resources development strategy for the Egyptian tourism sector and a final TVET law, whilst assessing and expanding a multi-level TVET governance structure.

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We began with an in-depth audit and analysis of previously developed studies and papers relating to TVET strategy and policy papers – all of which we discovered were quite fragmented. We then involved relevant stakeholders representing the private sector from both the industrial and tourism industries to ensure the outputs we proposed were demand driven and able to address the key skills gaps identified. The governance structure was in need of a severe overhaul and required an in-depth SWOT analysis to determine how it could best be revamped. Having identified the capacity and technical measures needed to achieve a multi-level governance structure across the whole policy cycle, we designed a sustainable strategy for multi-level stakeholder engagement.


We successfully collaborated with the Ministry of Trade and Industry and other involved ministries to effectively evolve the structure and performance of the TVET system (serving both the industrial and the tourism sector) and improving its delivery on a national level in order to contribute to boosting youth employability prospects and competitiveness.


We would like to thank the CID team for all the long hours and dedication to designing our innovation process.

The execution of this innovation process was supported with CID’s organizational network analysis tool, which provided great insight within our organization, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of its functional, social and strategic networks. The CID team worked closely with our team throughout the process, providing strategic and consistent support. CID’s professional and timely commitment really has helped us kick-start our innovation process.

Thank you for making this happen!

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Heba Makhlouf
Head of Investment Relations & Innovation, SODIC

We have been impressed by CID’s professionalism, accessibility and candor. CID has vast experience in the area of media relations and community engagement and has helped us better understand the practice of social responsibility in Egypt. It is always a pleasure to work with professionals who are passionate and knowledgeable about their work and we would wholeheartedly recommend CID to any corporation seeking to improve its media and community engagement in Egypt.

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Marc Dupont
Government & Public Affairs Director, Methanex Corporation – Egypt