Unleashing river transport performance in Egypt


The Ministry of Transport, supported by the World Bank, sought to transition the River Transport Authority (RTA) from its existing role towards becoming a more regulatory authority capable of overseeing the provision of efficient transport services.

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We partnered with IDOM – a leading consulting and engineering firm – to implement the project in close collaboration with the Ministry of Transport. We held consultation workshops with employees within the RTA to collaboratively develop business analysis and strategic planning documents for the Authority. We used the information gleaned from our strategy workshops to assist the RTA staff’s development of the crucial corporate business development documents, whilst interacting with external stakeholders including the Land Transport Authority and several governorates in order to ensure a coordination mechanism was integrated into the design of the RTA.

Having spent six months on the ground engaging with the RTA team, we then led the team through the process of evaluating current performance and setting appropriate performance management and organisational development objectives, based on our understanding of the authority’s existing shortcomings. Our involvement from therein was broad; as we facilitated the revision of the mission, vision, strategy, setting of institutional objectives and change management goals for the RTA, all the way from re-organisation of the design and functional analysis, to the development of detailed job descriptions. We worked closely throughout this period with the internal team to ensure ownership and sustainability of our intervention and easing transition to the new organisational model, developing training plans for RTA staff and a comprehensive recruitment plan aligned with the newly established strategy.


We transformed the organisational structure from a heavily centralised to a decentralised operation of the project and collaboratively established a new vision, mission and strategy. Our work facilitated the RTA’s transitional efforts and even increased their workforce, with recruitment and training plans implemented to maximise awareness and skills development. The Ministry of Transport praised our outstanding sector knowledge, dedication and commitment which enabled implementation, greater senior and mid-management buy-in, collaboration with the chairperson of the RTA, and sensitively balanced the reform needs of the Ministry.


Citibank Egypt would like to express its deep appreciation of CID’s dedicated team for their support, passion, integrity, and high quality work that was demonstrated over the last year. From downturn to crisis, CID has challenged every misperception on the bank with guided impactful communication strategies that were taken to action towards transforming the downs to up, and adversary to ally.

Having CID as our partner, advising us in unpredictable times has helped us maintain trust and transparency with the media and our clients, which has helped secure Citi’s stand in the market and ensured positive brand perception and coverage worth of millions.

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Lamise Negm
Vice Chairman, Citibank Egypt

CID provided invaluable support to EFE in designing a scaling and sustainability strategy for its programs in Egypt. This assessment contained four major components: scaling through external partnerships in the ICT/BPO sector, improving EFE’s internal operational efficiency and effectiveness, assessing various methods of achieving indirect scale and impact, and developing a financial sustainability plan. The CID team was very professional and dedicated, and the final report and recommendations were informative, insightful and realistic. We greatly enjoyed working with them on this project.

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Sarah Little
Senior Program & Grants Manager, Education For Employment