Unlocking ambition and vision to secure investment


SICO Electronics was looking into public listing or anchor investment and needed to demonstrate leadership vision and ambitions for growth, ultimately increasing investor interest.

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Our first action was to develop and update the company’s strategy, by challenging and modifying the company’s business model to appeal to investors’, generate growth, identify key success factors and define strategic objectives. Next, we focussed on organisational development interventions. We upgraded HR activities, mapped organisational design, defined key departmental functions, and created role and responsibility clarity, as well as KPIs by department. Our assessment provided recommendations for higher integration and hiring, process upgrades and sustainability objectives. As a third strand, we turned to marketing communications, reviewing and refreshing their brand to more effectively reach their target audience. This overhaul consisted of a complex branding and communication strategy development process, which required us to audit and analyse the industry, develop a directional approach to the positioning of the company and identify communication platforms to promote the brand and engage consumers.

Finally, we increased the company’s value for shareholders as SICO was facing a series of cash-flow, budgeting and internal control problems. In order to resolve this, we drafted a fresh set of internal control procedures and conducted a thorough analysis of the company’s financial statements and policies for the last three years. Using these insights, we were able to establish new flow policies to enhance SICO’s company liquidity.


The company was ultimately provided with an entirely new framework and set of policies, across all of its organisational capacity structure, branding, HR and financial policies and systems. Our work helped to clarify SICO’s structure, define relationships between departments and establish a sense of understanding and transparency at employee level. Today, SICO is a great success story of a home-grown Egyptian company operating in a highly competitive technology market.


We would like to thank the CID team for all the long hours and dedication to designing our innovation process.

The execution of this innovation process was supported with CID’s organizational network analysis tool, which provided great insight within our organization, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of its functional, social and strategic networks. The CID team worked closely with our team throughout the process, providing strategic and consistent support. CID’s professional and timely commitment really has helped us kick-start our innovation process.

Thank you for making this happen!

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Heba Makhlouf
Head of Investment Relations & Innovation, SODIC

CID provided invaluable support to EFE in designing a scaling and sustainability strategy for its programs in Egypt. This assessment contained four major components: scaling through external partnerships in the ICT/BPO sector, improving EFE’s internal operational efficiency and effectiveness, assessing various methods of achieving indirect scale and impact, and developing a financial sustainability plan. The CID team was very professional and dedicated, and the final report and recommendations were informative, insightful and realistic. We greatly enjoyed working with them on this project.

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Sarah Little
Senior Program & Grants Manager, Education For Employment